The Albion Trust is an independent registered Scottish Charity (SC022661) formed in 1994 specifically to establish Norton Park office complex as the first shared premises project for voluntary sector organisations in Scotland. In developing Norton Park, the Trust was seeking to provide high quality, affordable shared premises for voluntary organisations to enable the sharing of experiences and resources.  The complex opened in 1998 and now accommodates 26 different charities.


Norton Park office complex opened in 1998 after being purchased by the Albion Trust and redeveloped to provide high quality, affordable office accommodation for the voluntary sector, mainly social welfare charities, in Edinburgh.

Conversion provided 30,000 square feet of office space over 3 floors and today Norton Park houses 25 charities that collectively employ over 350 staff and accommodate a stream of around 2000 visitors per month.

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This exciting new venue opened in a former church, directly adjacent to the Norton Park office complex, in 2010 and is committed to combining the principles of sustainability, accessibility and community development.  Rates are affordable to organisations from across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

It is available all day every day including evenings and weekends, either for a one-off event, or a regular programme.