Julie Donald

We warmly welcome our newly appointed Finance Manager to our team here at Norton Park – Julie Donald is a welcome addition and here’s a little Q and A with Julie to find out a little more about her.

Name: Julie Donald

Job title: Finance Manager

Where have you worked previously?

Innovate Financial Services Ltd most recently, but not since May 2019 when the company was sold. I took some time off which turned out to be longer than anticipated due to Covid.

 What attracted you to Norton Park?

Initially the job specification attracted me being very similar to my previous job so I was confident I would be able to deliver. I have always had an interest in working within the charitable sector and this gave me a great opportunity to get involved in some way. Earlier this year I decided to volunteer with St Andrew’s First Aid and helped out primarily at the Covid Vaccination Centres. I still volunteer with them and the skills I have gained there will also be useful in the Norton Park environment.

 What have your first impressions been?

 All the staff are very friendly and it is nice to be part of the team. There is a lovely atmosphere. I haven’t yet met many people from the charities who have offices.

 What are you looking forward to most about working at Norton Park?

 I am looking forward to meeting people who work for the other charities within the building and learning more about what the organisations do. I am hoping to make a difference within my role to streamline the finance procedures.