in the heart of our community

Our Mission

We will enable client groups to become more effective by providing them with facilities which improve the quality and efficiency of their operation. We will work to advance community development by providing facilities which benefit the community and help promote people’s ability to participate in community life

The Charity

Norton Park SCIO  is an independent registered Scottish Charity (SC048639) formed to establish Norton Park office complex as the first shared premises project for third sector organisations in Scotland. In developing Norton Park, the Trust was seeking to provide high quality, affordable shared premises for charitable organisations to enable the sharing of experiences and resources.

The complex opened in 1998 and now accommodates 20 different charities.

Our People

Norton Park SCIO has a vast variety of skills and experience to enable us to develop our services and create new shared premises projects including the unpaid support and assistance provided by our Trustees

  • Louise Norris (Chair)
  • Shulah Allan MBE 
  • Mike Harland
  • Paul Randall 
  • Steve Callaghan
  • Susan Smith
  • Sandra Blake 
  • John Aldridge 

    The charity is managed by our team on a day-to-day basis.

    • Anne-Marie O’Hara – Chief Executive
    • Jimmy Scott – Facilities Manager
    • Cheryl Pride – Finance Co-ordinator
    • Heather Rutherford – Events Co-ordinator
    • Bobby Waterston – Maintenance Officer
    • Malcolm Thom – Maintenance Officer
    • Marie Stewart – Morning Receptionist
    • Sharon Coyle – Afternoon Receptionist
    • Colin Oldham – Cleaning Operative

    Our Values

    Socially Just

    We will all treat people fairly and equitably. We will aim to ensure our facilities are available and accessible to all.

    Environmentally Sustainable

    We will constantly seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our use of natural resources and recycling where we can. We will encourage those using our facilities to do the same.

    Financially viable

    We will seek best value in the way we manage our facilities to ensure that the charges we set are affordable for our clients whilst also ensuring our business is sustainable.

    People focused

    The people that use our building, our tenants, service users, staff and visitors are central to our business. We will provide ways for their views to be heard and where we can act to meet their needs and ensure our building remains fully accessible to all.

    Open, flexible and Responsive

    Staff and Trustees are open to new ideas and ways of working to ensure its Vision and Mission are met.